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The medical professionals at Results Physical Therapy in Gainesville and Fairfax, Virginia offer physical therapy to those who qualify for workers compensation. If you’ve experienced a work-related illness or injury, call or make an appointment online today to receive the care you need to decrease your pain, regain your strength, and recover quicker.

Workers’ Compensation Q & A

What is Workers Compensation?

Workers compensation is a state-mandated insurance program designed and developed to protect employers from expensive lawsuits resulting from workplace injuries. Workers compensation also ensures that injured employees receive proper care and coverage for job-related impairments.

How Does Physical Therapy Work When It Comes to Workers Compensation?

When you make an appointment at Results Physical Therapy for workers compensation, your treatment begins with an initial evaluation. During this visit, your therapist reviews your medical history and symptoms.

Additionally, your physical therapist also evaluates your:

  • Posture
  • Tightness and weakness in your neck and back muscles
  • Head, shoulder, and back position
  • Range of motion and strength

Your physical therapist discusses your goals and creates an individualize a treatment plan. The most common aspects of workers compensation physical therapy include:

  • Skilled Manual Therapy: Designed to increase movement and decrease tender areas around your injury, skilled manual therapy also includes joint mobilization techniques that restore normal movements around your joints.
  • Individualized Stretching and Strengthening: Your physical therapist designs an exercise program that stretches and strengthens the affected muscles. Not only does your program help diminish pain, but the cardiovascular conditioning also decreases healing time and makes it so you suffer from fewer recurring injuries.
  • Patient Education: Your physical therapist teaches you proper body mechanics and positioning because learning the proper ways to sit, stand, bend, and lift helps prevent injuries.


What are the Benefits of Receiving Physical Therapy as Part of Workers Compensation?

An active treatment plan that includes physical therapy as part of workers compensation program gets you back to full health and function faster. Additionally, the physical therapists at Results Physical Therapy also assist you with:

  • Restoring function and movement to injured areas quickly
  • Relieving pain
  • Improving strength and conditioning
  • Promoting long-term health
  • Correcting imbalances
  • Preventing the risk of future injuries

If you need physical therapy for a workers compensation illness or injury, call or make an appointment online today with one of the medical professionals at Results Physical Therapy in Gainesville and Fairfax, Virginia.


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